Franksen Dub Tribes EP incl. Phable Remix (Lucidflow)

Franksen hails from Frankfurt, delivering two solo tracks plus one co-lab with EMBI Music head honcho Daniele Casa. Welcome the new artists! Dub is the production fashion that links the low slung, elegant and warm grooves on this EP. Franksen’s expertise for tribe-ish, percussive works is a solid motor for the heavy yet housy attitude of this timeless track package. With Daniele Casa in the joint, their original mix gets yet another bass injection. Witness these tracks on a proper club soundsystem and you’ll feel their raw force, enjoy them on your home hi-fi you’ll feel those tracks are good for an acoustic cuddle, too. And prepare for some remixes really settting sails for different shores Franksen Dub Tribe Original Mix An instant Franksen classic, showing his roots: from dubby chords to that easy galopping groove, plenty of low-low bass and arps. Percussive dubbed out bliss tops the brooding elements. A trademark set for the EP – the intro!Franksen Dub 120 feat. Daniele Casa Original Mix The club-track of the pack. Minimal and dub-techno expert Casa and Franksen explore a dense web of bassgrooves. Dubby synths keep the stomping groove aloft. Distinct teasing vocal snippets and strings fill the twirling air with love! Franksen Dub 120 feat. Daniele Casa Phable Remix Known for elegant techhouse vibes for Audio Safari or Plastic City, Phable polishes the dusty original to a shiny deephouse gem, making us see the light when the dub led us into darker spheres. Mind you, his soothing chords are real rays of light, sunglass advisory! Franksen Melon Collie Dub Original Mix Piano dub chords caress a low-slung groove while heavily dubbed-out FXs and percussions lend a light in the dusty atmospheres. Melancholy becomes a sweet and meditative mood. Dwell in a groovepool of inner pleasure! Franksen Melon Collie Dub Shayde Remix Connaisseur Recordings’ artist Shayde hails from the depths. Stripping the original down to 111 bpm this refix welcomes summer days, encounters within your inner depths and an elastic groove that shuffles a cool breeze into any kind of heat!

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/dub-tribes/2045674



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