Zähl EQ1 Audio Demos Now Online

Zähl EQ1

Zähl EQ1 is one of the finest analog equalizers around. In this series, you can finally listen to a variety of sound sources and audio examples. Enjoy!

My review of the HEDDphone


After several mixing sessions and hours of music listening, I can give my honest opinion about the HEDDhone. Take a look!

Franksen Dub Tribes EP incl. Phable Remix (Lucidflow)


Franksen hails from Frankfurt, delivering two solo tracks plus one co-lab with EMBI Music head honcho Daniele Casa. Welcome the new artists! Dub is the production fashion that links the low slung, elegant and warm grooves on this EP. Franksen’s expertise for tribe-ish, percussive works is a solid motor for the heavy yet housy attitude […]